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Naø Glover - Sunday Morning Misfit

The Story.

I'm driven by the imagination and its power to change lives and thinking.

This blog is the wreckage of my spirit, the beautiful outpouring of my discoveries. Art. Film. Music. Faith. Here, I will explore them all.

Naø Glover - Sunday Morning Misfit

It is my mission to find innovative ways to study and reach new people groups through imaginative vessels.

I'm not popular. Like Magellan, Lewis and Clark, Michelangelo, and Beethoven, I have an ache in my soul to explore that is often offensive. Sometimes I'm wrong (a lot of times). Sometimes what I find is not comfortable. Sometimes I cut myself on the jagged edges of real life. But I have to keep searching. I have to explore the dusty corners of life, faith, and creation to know what's really there.

Why Sunday Morning Misfit?

As a part of a generation that lived and led the deconstruction movement, I learned early and often to ask hard questions and seek harder answers. Through study, passion, and lived experiences, my faith journey has been fortified by one thing: the willingness to seek the truth at all cost. 


In every outlet, my obsession with the truth's language, creation, spills all over the paper. I want to stretch my mind and imagination. I want to build bridges across chasms, advocate cultural balance, initiate dialogue, and stimulate intellectual curiosity. I want to be swallowed by creation because of my radical love of the Creator. I don't want to be "safe" in my religion, I want to be broken by the truth — each element uniquely fractured to perfection. I want to be a misfit to this world, molded for heaven, shaped for eternity.

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