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When thinking of a name for this project, I tried to capture the picture of my life. I'm Naø, or Andi – depending on where you're from. I lived my whole adolescent life in St. Louis with my parents and sister. We're all extremely close, and I like to think we have our experiences to thank for that, good and bad. St. Louis will always be the place I learned to love.


Memphis is the place I learned to live...

I moved to the south to pursue my degree in songwriting. College is where I learned to ask hard questions and seek harder answers. It's where I grew curious and truly hungry in my faith and my art. So hungry that I  pursued my master's degree in cultural apologetics. My love of education led me back to my alma mater for a time as head of the songwriting division and professor of modern music and philosophy. My love of writing led me to a career in public relations at a few local agencies, an associate creative director role at a global leader in performance marketing, and my own agency, Noise Gate PR. It also prepared me as a writer and editor for HM Magazine, and this blog. In every outlet, my obsession with creation spills all over the paper. It's easy to understand why Sunday mornings are a big part of my life...

So why a misfit? Because I want to stretch my mind and imagination. I want to challenge the status quo and the contemporary picture of Christianity. I want to scream my beliefs, not just sing them. I want to build bridges across chasms, advocate cultural balance, initiate dialogue, and stimulate intellectual curiosity. I want to be swallowed by creation because of my radical love of the Creator. I don't want to look like a "good Christian." I want to be a warrior, broken and used up by God for His masterpiece – each element uniquely fractured to perfection. I want to be a misfit to this world, molded for heaven, shaped for eternity.

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